Tautumeitas at TEDxRiga 2017

“Dai cytys meitys” (“Let the other maidens”) is based on an ancient Latvian folk song. The six Latvian girls who form the group Tautumeitas, use their six voices and six pairs of hands to create music, because they believe that music makes the world a better place. The group’s principal interest is traditional singing, especially multipart singing. The members each incorporate different instruments into this traditional a capella vocal music, to portray traditional music from their own perspective and to show how the modern day tautumeita thinks and feels.

Many traditional musical influences from different parts of the world have been incorporated into their music as many of the band’s members have an interest in and have studied ethnomusicology. Timbral variety, fresh ideas and eclectic musical taste all fuse together to give the Tautumeitas group its unique sound.